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Through a glass

Pablo's Birthday (Canal Street)
526 Canal Street, 212-462-2411
Tribeca / Downtown
April 18 - May 30, 2009
Reception: Saturday, April 18, 6 - 9 PM
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The show is inspired by works that present themselves in layers. Layers of focus, layers of translucence, transparency,opacity, and reflections. Layered themes and layered surfaces. The three artists in Through a glass, darkly each, whether it be central to their work or not, have a position in the continuum of this aesthetic. I first took note of the marvelous effect of dynamic layering in the garden photographs of the great Czech photographer Josef Sudek, and later developed it in my own series Transit glyphs . In presenting these three artists I hope to focus on this aspect of their work by comparison and contrast, and perhaps by complimentary affinities, bring out points and counter points concerning the mysteries of their form and content.
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