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Emily Landon, Katie Murray, and Susana Rodriguez, The Communication Consideration Coordination

Kate Werble Gallery
83 Vandam Street, 212-352-9700
July 1 - July 31, 2009
Reception: Wednesday, July 1, 6 - 8 PM
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Organized by Nathan Carter With a last minute publication by Chris Dorland and Nathan Carter

Emily Landon’s wild collection of hand-cut, hand-painted, life-size constructions of forest animals act as a playful reminder to consider the realities of what happens when animals and humans make abrupt and often surprising contact beyond the human environment. Landon previously orchestrated interactions between her sculptures, indigenous animals and human visitors in a wooded area near The Springs on Long Island, New York.

Katie Murray recently completed a new video titled Girls in 4/4. Over the course of four years, Murray recorded video footage of teenage girls from a Queens, New York high school practicing and performing a step dance routine in the time signature 4/4. She used this footage to create a single, seamless audio visual performance that shows the dancers in formation using their hands and feet to communicate and perform a highly expressive, non-verbal exhibition of rhythm, strength, sight and sound.

Susana Rodriguez traveled from Guadalajara, Mexico to construct an installation or “container” using a combination of sculpture, mural painting and cut vinyl to make a 3-dimensional scene incorporating the fa├žade of the gallery. Rodriguez creates a careful coordination between the different elements and materials within the installation to visualize abstract concepts of space and time.
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