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Marks, Solo Show

CHC Gallery
511 West 20th Street , 212-741-0007
September 3 - October 3, 2009
Reception: Thursday, September 3, 6 - 8 PM
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CHC Gallery is proud to announce an exhibition of new works by Marks. This is his first solo exhibition with the gallery, which follows six previous group shows. The artist is known for his intricate works, which speak to the viewer through their layers of vibrant paint. Clusters of color and texture roughly applied are the beginnings of a divergent result. Their smooth luminescent quality reflects the intent of immediate impact. His recent works on canvas are about texture and layering intended to convey dimension. Marks rejects the notion of any single significant inspiration but rather insists his work is the product of a random process. Color palette, and composition are determined more by mood than by deliberation. However, long-term trends can be discerned. Gradually with each project his color use is becoming more expansive while any sign of conventional composition is diminishing. His most recent body of work signals a partial break with these trends however. While Marks’ digression from orthodox composition persists, the works featured in the MARKS show will be largely non-color.

Marks was born in 1977 in Cincinnati, OH, and currently works and lives in Tampa, FL. He attended the University of Alabama, but then left to pursue a career in art. The artist belongs to many prestigious international private and corporate collections. Currently, he is expanding his artistic knowledge with metal sculpture and exploring the three dimensionality of a vastly dissimilar medium.
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