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OVERLAP -Extending beyond edges and boundaries in art & architecture

Elga Wimmer
526 West 26th Street, 3rd Floor, 212-206-0006
August 27 - September 19, 2009
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Elga Wimmer, PCC is pleased to present OVERLAP –Extending beyond edges and boundaries in art & architecture a group exhibition curated and produced by Kelsey Harrington and Christine Yogiaman.

Art and architecture are often portrayed as distinct, even opposing fields, though they share many material and conceptual practices. The invited artists and architecturally trained designers share common interests in generating forms, pattern, and geometries through tactile material processes -whether hand crafted or through the use of computational technology. They often incorporate an awareness of codes or conceptual layers in their work as well as new generative methods and modes of production. The intent of OVERLAP was to begin with these commonalities, and provide space for indefinable qualities to emerge, hinting at something new.

The relationships between the material forms presented in the show start to reveal collapses in the boundaries between art and architecture. Myles Bennett and John Monteith responded to the concept by presenting works that address tactility, the body, and architectural space. Referencing similar haptic qualities, 4-pli created a hand-rail-like structure that spanned horizontal space between sculpture and architecture. Kelsey Harrington’s process for a glass sculpture considered aesthetics of algorithm drawings created by Jon Meyer, and random patterns shared with yo_cy’s bamboo construct. SOFTLab produced a series of sculptural wood forms with surface patterns that have a formal dialog with various works in the show. Ziad Naccache’s failed stripe paintings express a connecting thread in the materialization of perfect imperfection. THEVERYMANY experimented with the translation of computer generated parametric units into material casting techniques, producing an engaging installation with qualities of precise indetermination.

The participants in the show are Associated Fabrication, 4-pli, John Monteith, Jon Meyer, Kelsey Harrington, Myles Bennett, SOFTlab, THEVERYMANY, yo_cy, and Ziad Naccache.
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