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Untitled (fault)

Marian Spore
55 33rd Street, Fourth Floor, 646-620-7758
Brooklyn Misc.
September 12 - December 31, 2009
Reception: Saturday, September 12, 7 - 9 PM
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Marian Spore is a new art collection on view in Industry City, Brooklyn. The first work in the collection is Andy Graydon’s Untitled (fault).

Untitled (fault) is based on sound recordings taken at a recent exhibition of 19th century photography at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The sound will be played on an acetate record, a pliable material usually used only for reference in the production of vinyl records. As the needle travels over its surface, it scratches into the acetate, gradually obliterating the original sound recording and replacing it with white noise. The marks and scratches made by the stylus as it travels over the surface of the disc form an indexical record of the object’s own exhibition history.

The original recordings will only be clearly audible during the first weeks of Marian Spore. The sound of the Met’s galleries, audiences, and ventilation systems will fill the space completely – although it will be nearly empty of objects.

Gallery hours Sunday 1pm to 6pm and by appointment.
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