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Circle of Plenty


Cinders Gallery
28 Marcy Avenue, 718-388-2311
September 11 - October 11, 2009
Reception: Friday, September 11, 7 - 10 PM
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Diane Barcelowsky, Blokis, Kelie Bowman, Monica Canilao, Cristian Elizalde, Maya Hayuk, Allyson Mellberg, Alex Lukas, Kyle Ranson, Suzanne Sattler, Sto, and Jeremy Taylor

The relationships we have with the natural world are explored in this group show set in a sumptuous, sculptural overgrown garden. In this diverse body of work that ranges from painting, drawing, installation and sculpture, nature is often encountered by humans in a dream-like state. Fantasies of botanical lovemaking, hallucinogenic visions and human-plant metamorphosis take place while future ideas of a more respected, reciprocal relationship are investigated.

In some pieces, plants have adapted themselves to our world, mirroring our neurosis, growing over our houses, cars, clothes, and waste. We in turn alienate ourselves from the true natural experience and replace our interactions in superficial ways with fake plants, floral patterned objects, and controlled environments. Nature also gets its revenge though-floods sink cities, diseases spread, and other natural catastrophes occur. In an era of so called “Green Thinking,” this show raises questions about our own personal behavior, desires, and (over) consumption.
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