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Cinders Gallery
28 Marcy Avenue, 718-388-2311
October 16 - November 15, 2009
Reception: Friday, October 16, 7 - 10 PM
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Curated by James Gallagher

Cutters showcases a variety of contemporary collage from North America and Europe. The selected artists range from young google-image searchers to collage veterans with roots in the 70s punk scene. Each one has a unique vision and exciting visual vocabulary that includes collections of images sorted and stacked, layered and glued, cut to pieces and ripped apart.

In our current age of vast visual stimuli, images and information are swirling all around us at a faster pace than ever before. We process what we can, latch on to fragments, and quickly move on. As we get used to everything being remixed, edited, mashed up and shuffled around, these collage artists freeze that frenzy and bring you in for a closer look at the hand at work.

In this diverse collection you will find….Ophelia Chong’s quiet moments, Kareem Rizk’s weathered nostalgia, Max-O-Matic’s controlled chaos, Joe Ryckebosch’s memory screens, Vanessa Lamounier’s stunning erotica, James Gallagher’s unseen stages, and Jason Glasser’s visual soul (on glass). Sophie Kern creates magical worlds (where goddesses, witches and sorceresses rule all!), Bill Zindel attempts to make sense of stacks of paper he has amassed, while Valero Doval combines vintage imagery with delicate handwork.

With over 40 artists contributing close to 150 works of various sizes, shapes, and colors, the gallery will be transformed into one giant assemblage, glue stains and all.

Featuring: Andreas Banderas (Norway), Michael Bartalos (USA), Melinda Beck (USA), Brian Belott (USA), Jorge Chamorro/ La Cascara Amarga (Spain), Brian Chippendale (USA), Ophelia Chong (USA), Saiman Chow (USA), Cless (Spain), Rebecca Conroy (USA), Cristiana Couceiro (Portugal), Valero Doval (UK), Andy Ducett (USA), Carl Dunn (USA), Lisa Eisenbrey (USA), Elroy (Germany), James Gallagher (USA), Jason Glasser (France), Hort (Germany), Jordin Isip (USA), Lidy Jacobs (Netherlands), Sophie Kern (UK), Eva Lake (USA), Vanessa Lamounier (Netherlands), Matt Li[pps (USA), Sean Mackaoui (Spain), Max-o-matic (Spain), Taylor McKimens (USA), Cameron Windish Michel (USA), Agnes Montgomery (USA), Justin Mortimer (UK), Pedro Oliveira (Brazil), Julien Pacaud (France), David Plunkert (USA), Kareem Rizk (Austrailia), Matthew Rose (France), Brion Nuda Rosch (USA), Joe Ryyckebosch (USA), Katherine Streeter (USA), Mario Wagner (Germany), Oliver Wiegner (Germany), Johanna Wilhelm (Germany), Jessica Williams (USA), Bill Zindel (USA)
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