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L’Atlas: Urban Activist

Gallery Nine5
24 Spring Street, 212-965-9995
October 16 - November 6, 2009
Reception: Thursday, October 15, 7 - 9 PM
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L’Atlas is an artist who appears throughout the world – his disappearance is marked by the work he leaves behind. Fusing the starkness of computer font with the fluidity of calligraphy L’Atlas creates hybridized signs that infiltrate the landscape as universal symbols.

His work is so captivating that in 2008 the Centre Pompidou commissioned his multifaceted performance and installation, ‘Don’t Lose the North’that initiated public interaction with the transient construction of a giant compass in the museum’s plaza.

Unlike other street artists who paint in the public sphere, L’Atlas reinvents the process by literally taking fragments of the street with him; first he spray paints the streets with his labyrinthine style, then he silkscreens the marks on captivating black canvases. These prints, like Customs, both commemorate his performances and memorialize the enigmatic décor of the urban landscape.

On October 17th, 2009, gallery nine5 will host one of L’Atlas’ monumental site-specific works in the streets of New York City, marking L’Atlas’ inaugural solo debut in the United States. Its creation will directly precede a presentation of his paintings and graffiti objects to be displayed on the walls of the gallery through mid-November.
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