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Liz Ainlsie, Slices

Creon Gallery
238 East 24th Street, 1B, 646-265-5508
Flatiron / Gramercy
October 7 - October 22, 2009
Reception: Wednesday, October 7, 6 - 9 PM
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CREON Gallery presents Liz Ainslie’s latest paintings, SLICES, in her first New York solo show.

“The tension between impossible 3D and impossible 2D, all translated into pure painterly thought and sensibility.” Lucio Pozzi

… a mixture of Giorgio Morandi’s hazy vision and Ad Reinhardt’s floating geometry. She has a knack for painting simple compositions which slowly reveal themselves to be complex, moody and sophisticated.” Hrag Vartanian, ARTCAT

Liz Ainslie, a Brooklyn based painter, has been exhibiting her paintings for the last five years in New York and Philadelphia after obtaining her MFA at Tyler School of Art and BFA at Alfred University. SLICES is her first solo show in New York and presents her latest series of paintings.

Ainslie paints collections of invented shapes that sit loosely along the same invisible plane. The shapes are mined from her sketchbook, photographs and imagination. They sit upon the surface as if embedded in some thick gel and repetitious brush strokes allow forms to emerge from the inside out, as if suspended in paint.

“I like to make interruptions that create ambiguous illusions or perceptual blips. Before painting I often take a walk looking for moments when colors and materials fight each other, creating a strange space that doesn’t make sense. I may be looking for moments when my senses somehow deceive me. When that happens, it is a new and fleeting experience. There is no way to ever describe it or experience it again and to create some parallel to these moments I am forced to create systems in my paintings outside of normal experience.”
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