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Max Langhurst, Iterated Fractale

141 Division Street
East Village / Lower East Side
October 18 - October 31, 2009
Reception: Thursday, October 29, 6 - 9 PM
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W/ ———— is pleased to announce an exhibition of new work by Max Langhurst. This will be the artist’s first time exhibiting at the gallery. Accompanying the work will be a limited edition audio cd featuring a combination of arrangements inspired by the artists video explorations.

In his new series, Langhurst focuses on a property known as self similarity to create a sense of group identification within the work. The exhibition borrows its title from a concept found in mathematical computer science.

For the installation entitled “Hull“, Langhurst has constructed a web of neon, metal, and wire. The artist furthers the examination of space by adding a sequential timer to suggest the boundless four-dimensional continuum otherwise known as spacetime. The action also serves as a reminder that light can act as a controlled sequence of an event or process usually with transference of energy. It is through Langhurst’s motifs and rich use of symbolism that a parable between attraction and repulsion is created. Polarized waves of optical feed give off vibrations around almost fixed locations in the artists new video. The noise generated for the piece is an example of electromechanical sound that has its roots in the early styling’s of the futurist musical aesthetic.

Langhurst’s translucent plastic installations are designed as transitive systems, in which polygonal shapes are folded into and over another. Intricately assembled, the modular forms interact with an object in a combination of reflection, transmission, and refraction. As a result, the structure rapidly becomes impacted by the desire to find easily locatable creases up to each respective fold. The scattered view observed in “Albedo” is a reference to the lucid and ever changing visual climate found in today’s modern day society.

Max Langhurst lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.
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