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Swantje Hielscher


James Fuentes LLC
55 Delancey Street, between Allen and Eldridge, 212-577-1201
East Village / Lower East Side
October 15 - October 25, 2009
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James Fuentes LLC is pleased to announce Swantje Hielscher’s debut American solo exhibition.

Hielscher’s primary subject is the relationship between language, picture, space and movement. Recent works by the artist summon iconic, genre-expanding, conceptual works such as wall drawings, measurement pieces and paper stacks filtered through contemporary dialectics. Several of the works in the exhibition follow this strain; “Antinomie” 2009 is a group of canvases hung side by side, one larger than the next, their surface is incrementally stripped away determined by multiples of A4 paper. “Sphere” 2009, is comprised of concentric graphite circles directly applied to the wall, the circles measure the artist’s wingspan, the imprecision of movement thus leaving a physical trace. Hielscher’s “Window” series are mirror works in the shape of a painter’s palette, by positioning the palette to face out a window, the object reflects the world immediately outside. Through re-imagining familiar forms and inventing new ones, Hielscher revises a trajectory of art historical concerns into the present time and place.

Hielscher; Born, 1980, Braunschweig, Germany, lives and works in Berlin, Germany. She studied at Hochschule für bildende Künste Braunschweig, Germany (1999-2006) and subsequently studied at Wimbledon, England (2003-2002), Latvijas Kulturas Akademia Riga, Latvia (2004-2005) and Weissensee School of the Arts Berlin, Germany (2006-2007). She has participated in group exhibitions at Kunsthalle Basel, Switzerland, Kunstverein Hannover, Germany, Kunstverein Arnsberg, Germany and Musee d’art moderne et contemporain Genève, Switzerland and has presented solo exhibitions at BolteLang Zürich, Switzerland, and Kunstklub Berlin, Germany.
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