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Seek & Hide and India Evans, Rimembri Ancora?

Heskin Contemporary
443 West 37th, Ground Floor, 212.967.4972
Hell's Kitchen
October 22 - November 28, 2009
Reception: Thursday, October 22, 6 - 9 PM
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For the first time Heskin Contemporary will host two exhibitions simultaneously. In the front gallery the group exhibition entitled Seek & Hide, curated by Jennifer Riley consists of works by three painters Marina Adams, Jason Duval and Hiroshi Tachibana.

The second gallery will present Rimembri Ancora the collages of India Evans.

Seek & Hide brings focus to a concise selection of works of art, characteristic of painting practices that can be seen against the background of Modernist painting. Working within the format of the traditional pictorial rectangle and with an emphasis on Western and American painting, these artists address different dominant figures, movements and attitudes – in paint.

With attention to craft, Adams, Duval and Tachibana, each extend and invent amid painting’s history which in their process is seen as flexible and open. In Marina Adams’ newest paintings, passages of intimate and delicate figural lines from Eastern erotic woodcuts are magnified and arranged with swaths of condensed colors often associated with the unrestrained scale of natural settings. The work poetically balances a conceptual rigor with poignant color and paint handling. Jason Duval’s paintings employ letters, numerals, lines and shapes in layered spaces, much as the vestiges of words, signs, paint, and material of a constantly changing urban environment gathers in the eye during a daily walk in the city.

Hiroshi Tachibana’s process driven painting speaks to an awareness of the changeability of life and to how meaning is evoked and acquired. For example: a bold system of strokes is layered between thin, close valued veils of paint into which incised color-pencil lines – as if by a random hand – have been put into play. These acts recur until all of the parts and layers coalesce and transcend themselves. -Jennifer Riley

India Evans: Rimenbri Ancora explores feminine identity with romantic and playful collage. Working from erotic vintage postcards, Ms. Evans places the female body in surreal, dreamlike narratives. The artist incorporates poetic texts, painting and drawing, and an array of items such as sequins, lace, and feathers, to engage with their former splendor and history. In her words, the objects are a “vocabulary of feelings”, piecing together and situating beauty while viewing the discarded and abandoned with a renewed eye. Evans collects her materials by combing flea markets in New York and previously in Italy where she studied at the Lorenzo de’ Medici and Accademia di Belle Arti. She has had three solo exhibitions in Rome and has exhibited in several group exhibitions in New York and throughout the U.S. and Europe. This is the artist’s first exhibition at Heskin Contemporary.
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