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Satre Stuelke: Radiology Art

Art at First
5th Avenue, at 11th Street
East Village / Lower East Side
October 29 - November 23, 2009
Reception: Sunday, November 15, 12 - 2 PM

This solo exhibition will feature 10 of The New York Times-reviewed artist-turned-medical student Satre Stuelke’s latest work of CT scans produced on a research scanner; including a mechanical bunny, a toaster, Hostess cupcakes, and a barbie doll to name just a few.

Featured in print, online, and broadcast media all over the world, Stuelke’s art is part science part cultural critique, but on most levels it’s just plain fun! A child’s bathtub submarine, rendered a glowing green with salmon-tinged internal parts (and also featured as a QuickTime movie on Stuelke’s website,, is seen on his website next to a haunting black and white image of the empty layers of a Russian nesting doll set. Stuelke explores the inner structures of toys, fast food, and personal electronics. Also exposed are: a Big Mac, Chicken Nuggets, Hungry Man dinner; a toaster, toy mixer, iPod, and iBook. All of Stuelke’s images have a touch of humor but also of something deeper.

Stuelke challenges viewers to ask just what these objects have that captures us. Rendering these ubiquitous icons in a new light, Stuelke shows us the inner characteristics about our “things” and also about ourselves.
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