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When All Is Said & Done

Possible Projects
68 Jay Street, No. 510
October 30 - November 16, 2009
Reception: Friday, October 30, 6 - 9 PM
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Possible Projects is pleased to host Chicago-based Sighn’s exhibition entitled “When All Is Said & Done.”

Sighn’s work speaks of the vulnerability of emotions and materializes via text-based objects, hoping to connect us as humans. He states that “the pieces tend to deliver a hug, a pat on the back, or a chuckle.” By using immediate and fleeting phrases, one is able to absorb the stream of consciousness continuously running through his work.

Sighn’s largest and most demanding project, ITSOK, is estimated for completion in the next 40-60 years. The phrase ITSOK is hand-cut and is a “limited” edition of one million. As part of the exhibition, Sighn will feature a specially produced set entitled “Forever”, referencing the night sky as part the larger ongoing series ITSOK.

His new series “We’re All Gonna Die” consists of a variety of headstones with the last words spoken immediately before or after the moment of death. The foreboding tone of the piece is quickly dissolved upon reading the satirical comments engraved for eternity.

His phrases are melancholic and elegiac, while simultaneously leaving the viewers feeling therapeutically better about themselves. Sighn stated that he saw these works as “small gestures, small mementos for people,” optimistically implying that these poetic works can make a difference for positive change.
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