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Parallel States

Dean Project
45-43 21st Street, 718-706-1462
Long Island City
December 19, 2009 - February 14, 2010
Reception: Saturday, December 19, 6 - 9 PM
Web Site

Dean Project is pleased to announce, “Parallel States” a group exhibition featuring the work of Palma Blank-Rosenblum, Sangbin IM and Kris Tamburello.

The works in this exhibition explore concepts of structure and visual perception, which includes image construction, deconstruction, transformation and the perspective-dimension of space. The artists in this exhibition have approached these concepts by creating paintings or photography based on abstract geometric compositions or from photographs of city and landscapes.

Through the chosen building process and medium by each of the artists the viewer is presented with a group of works that display elemental and conceptual ideas of image perception.

In the process of layering transparent colors with simple geometric structures Palma Blank-Rosenblum acrylic paintings create both multiple spaces, directions existing in a state of flux, multidimensional evolution and an amplifier of color and light.

Kris Tamburello’s work originates from the use of his architectural photography from in which he chooses details of light and reflections. He then transforms the photo by way of a digital process of stretching and pulling the image in order to uncover the layers of the inner structure of the image.

Sangbin IM’s photographs are the meticulous result of transforming and assembling his own photography and paintings. Acting as a curator he selects a group of images from a pool of his photographs of specific places or subjects. He then organizes imaginary environments of both unfamiliar images of landscape or compositions based on real life elements.

Palma Blank-Rosenblum is based in New York and received her MFA from Yale University in 2006. Sangbin IM is based in New York having received his MFA from Yale University in 2005 and is presently completing his PHD at Columbia University. Kris Tamburello is based in New York where he has been working in photography for fifteen years.
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