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Takming Chuang: Resolution

CHC Gallery
511 West 20th Street , 212-741-0007
February 11 - March 13, 2010
Reception: Thursday, February 11, 6 - 8 PM
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CHC Gallery is pleased to present its first solo exhibition of new paintings by Takming Chuang from his latest series titled Resolution.

Chuang associates each series with a particular period of his collective experiences. In this latest body of work, the artist reflects upon a time of introspection concurrent with a desire to float freely against his disciplined nature. In doing so, he encounters new territory and embarks on a journey of growth and development. Resolution signifies Chuang’s commitment to continue along this journey. Works such as On The Fly and Alert and Aware are visual representations of this new state of being.

Chuang employs his signature process to form abstract subjects that seemingly dissolve into or appear from a background of saturated color. The process consists of three distinct layers applied in succession and includes fields of color in combination with expressive, conscious, and gestural brush strokes. The vitality of every mark is captured as if frozen in time. The resulting shapes emerge as subjects suspended in color.

For the first time, Chuang introduces additional layers of color to form the background, transforming the flat surface into a dimensional space and lending his subjects a greater sense of mass. Another development found within this series can be noted in This Way and Round About where shapes within the subject are filled in to imply weight. Both techniques heighten the presence of the subject as if they are figurative; however, they remain abstract in nature.

Takming Chuang is a Taiwanese American, born and raised in the suburbs of Queens, New York. He is a self-taught artist and is currently based in San Francisco. Chuang’s work has recently gained international recognition and is included in a group show of abstract painting at Sarah Myerscough Fine Art in London.
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