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Inaugural Exhibition: Splice

the Distillery Gallery & Artspace
7 Hutton Street
Jersey City
March 20 - May 1, 2010
Reception: Saturday, March 20, 5 - 9 PM
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Splice, curated by Irene Borngraeber, features installation, sculpture, performance, and two- dimensional works by Leslie Alfin, Stephen Chopek, Hiroshi Kumagai, Pat Lay, and Deborah Pohl. Through the appropriation of classical and mythological iconography each artist melds, splices, and blends religion with technology—creating hybridized icons ranging from the uneasy to the exuberant.

For most people, technology is indispensible. We rely on it to plan our days, to communicate, to work and to relax—most of us would probably rather be physically incapacitated than face a normal day without it. When we wake up and reach first thing for a Blackberry or iPhone, when we run to check for new email or Facebook messages, we have merged our flesh lives with our digital ones. For some generations the “high-tech” has virtually become a holy grail, a source of inspiration, and a divine mystery. Splice examines how certain technologies have become far more than just tools that make our lives easier, but modern icons worshipped to the point of deification.

This is the first exhibition at the Distillery, a new contemporary gallery and community artspace dedicated to producing curated shows, arts programming, and innovative installations by artists of all stripes.
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