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Division of Human Works
1501 Broadway
April 16 - April 30, 2010
Reception: Friday, April 16, 6 - 10 AM
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Erica Reade, Lemia Monet Bodden, and Jon Michael Anzalone will present their first group photography exhibition, INDUSTRIOUS * SENTIMENT * TRANSITION.

This exhibition brings together three artists who come from diverse backgrounds exploring the concept of struggle within different contexts. Erica Reade brings together images from Africa, South America and East Asia showing places where humanity has expanded to fill the spaces of industry and infrastructure meant to support that community. Lemia Monet Bodden looks closely at quiet moments of the world seeking meaningful times of emotion and growth in often overlooked places. Jon Michael Anzalone presents a series of landscapes which actively abstract themselves between reality and surreality, between life and impossibility of life.
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