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The Ameritopia Series

Tria Gallery
531 West 25th Street, ground floor #5, 212-695-0021
April 22 - May 27, 2010
Reception: Thursday, April 22, 6 - 9 PM
Web Site

Lauren Bergman’s latest symbolic paintings will make their way to the public this month as she presents her acclaimed post-feminist 1950’s style as part of The Ameritopia Series.

In Ameritopia, Bergman continues her exploration of women within our idealized worlds, examining synthetic misconceptions of happiness and prosperity for a bold new view of the old American dream. Using landmark American icons of architecture and a not-so-different retro culture, the artist exposes a lack of intellectual progression. Progression is key in reference to feminism throughout her mythical body of work. Bergman’s signature vintage American color palette celebrates mid-century modernist architecture of such luminaries as Neutra, Lloyd-Wright and Koenig as a backdrop emblematic of our collective future vision of hope. Disparate imagery such as mid-century Vogue magazines and 1960s toy catalogs create a narrative that is both cultural and personal. Ameritopia is a staggering achievement of cultural disclosure, playful dexterity and skilled painting.

Lauren Bergman grew up in Washington, D.C., before relocating to Manhattan in 1987 to study painting and design at Parson’s School of Design and The Art Students League in New York. Influenced strongly as a young woman by her mother, a model and activist, Bergman began her quest to explore and discover the complexities of female identity and relationships. Bergman grew up observing her mother’s revolutionary disposition, reacting against cultural expectations of the times, an environment that encouraged Bergman to become an accomplished artist.

As a high school student Bergman was involved in art courses at the Corcoran School of Art . Her exceptional talents and mature narratives quickly landed her gallery exhibitions in Washington, D.C., exhibiting among renowned American realists, including Burton Silverman and Sondra Freckelton. Lauren Bergman is now regarded as a preeminent female contemporary artist emerging in the 21st Century, respected for her contributions to feminist-inspired art.

Select solo exhibitions in New York City include New Works at O.K. Harris Gallery, and American Dream at Makor Gallery. Group shows include Charity By Numbers and ?The War: The Anti-War Show at Corey Helford Gallery, All About Women at Carl Hammer Gallery in Chicago, and Innocence and Insight at Claire Oliver Fine Art in New York City. Bergman has been published in The New York Times, Xlr8r, Boing Boing, Fecal Face, Juxtapoz, Absolute Arts, Glasstire, and Vinyl Pulse. Bergman currently lives and works in Manhattan.
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