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Regeneration: Root Beer Float Social

New York Center for Art & Media Studies
44 West 28th Street, 7th Floor, 212-213-3011
April 14 - April 30, 2010
Reception: Friday, April 16, 6 - 8 PM
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Regeneration: Root Beer Float Social, curated by Allison Peller, showcases the divergent practices of artists Nicholas Steindorf and Reid Strelow. Steindorf’s work consists of tightly constructed videos, sculptures and paintings that frequently highlight an electric use of color, with the occasional appearance of glitter. In this exhibition, the selected works reflect his frequent appropriation of artist materials as content.

Strelow’s choice of media in his large-scale sculptures constructed from raw-wood and minimal ink drawings are similarly austere. The controlled use of reconfigured materials allows the regenerative nature of his work to come into focus, as he recycles wood from former projects to build new sculptures.

While both artists produce bodies of work that are carefully and conceptually focused, they also present the viewer with moments of spontaneous humor. Strelow’s kinetically interactive, but futile machines, and Steindorfs’ construction of brightly colored, stretched spandex arranged as a house of cards are such examples. This intelligent, yet playful approach is embodied in the Root Beer Float Social that will serve as the opening reception.
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