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I See Myself In You

305 East 140 Street
May 1 - May 22, 2010
Reception: Saturday, May 1, 2 - 7 PM
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Ain Cocke Christian Curiel T.M. Davy Jordan Eagles Paul Galloway Mile Geisler Dan Halm Naruki Kukita Scooter Laforge Zachari Logan Jeremu Olson Paul Mpagi Sepuya

Curated by Wayne Northcross

“I See Myself in You” looks at the evolving concept of the individual and the self as expressed through contemporary interpretations of the portrait genre. While the painting, drawing and photo-based works by emerging and established contemporary artists in the exhibition touch on well-received art historical themes such as identity, status, individuality and the importance or dismissal of likeness, the interplay between works in the exhibition as well as the artists’ personal narratives and modes of production bring into high relief strata of unresolved visual transactions that are employed, received and interpreted by the artist, the sitter, the viewer.

The works in the exhibition are loosely organized fourfold: 1) artists who take a cue from court and bourgeois Western portrait styles and replace aristocratic or nationalistic subjects with contemporary sitters whose bearing, dress and social interactions challenge traditional gender or sexual roles; 2) artists and sitters who form a discrete creative milieu and ask what it means to create a portrait with another artist in mind; 3) self-portraits that explore the psyche of the artist-sitter and create a dialectic between a divided or in-dividual subject; 4) portraits that investigate the body as essence and the self as fractured, dissembled or absent.

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