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DOLK & M-CITY : Eurotrash

Brooklynite Gallery
334 Malcolm X Blvd, 347-405-5976
Brooklyn Misc.
May 8 - May 29, 2010
Reception: Saturday, May 8, 7 - 10 PM
Web Site

Two titans of the street art world collide when DOLK and M-CITY invade Brooklynite Gallery for what is sure to be a show for the ages.

Reclusive, Norwegian stencil artist DOLK, emerges from the shadows to showcase a new collection of cutting imagery. Often monochromatic with one precisely placed color, DOLK crafts strangely beautiful story-lines into his work, infusing a wry sense of humor into such wide ranging topics as celebrity, religion and societal pressures. As a whole, DOLK’s new body of work conveys a bit more cynicism than the past, with most figures displaying enigmatic expressions as well as the inclusion of one key prop that at times will leave you scratching your head. However, what does remain consistent within the history of DOLK’s work is the intrigue he manages to garner with simple, clean black lines and spot-on subjects.

Look closely at a satellite picture of the earth and you just might see an M-CITY mural. Listen to the echoing sounds of metal forging, pistons firing, and air compression as M-CITY, Poland’s most prolific artist working in the public space, erects yet another large scale mural on any number of continents. Using his graphic brand of stencil artillery that includes images of smoke-stack factories, cogs and gears, steam ships, and repetitive city blocks, M-CITY redefines the Industrial Revolution. That same crushing imagery is transferred seamlessly to his deliberate, grey-scale canvases which could easily be passed off as Cold War propaganda.

Thank heavens half the space at Brooklynite Gallery is outdoors—-quite conducive for these two addicts of outdoor activity who also plan on leaving many gifts to the people of NYC.
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