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Seven Easy Steps: Spiritual Ecstasies

Horton Gallery
504 West 22nd Street, 212.243.2663
May 25 - May 27, 2010
Reception: Tuesday, May 25, 7 - 8:30 PM
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Video Series, curated by Amanda Schmitt

Monthly Schedule (starting at 7pm): October 13, 2009: Social Improvements November 17, 2009: Loving Relationships January 4, 2010: Technological Innovations February 23, 2010: Physical Pleasures March 29, 2010: Scientific Discoveries May 25, 2010: Spiritual Ecstasies May 27, 2010: Artistic Masterpieces

May 25, 2010, 7pm: Seven Easy Steps: Spiritual Ecstasies Tonight’s screening will feature videos by: Larry Carlson, Jashin Friedrich, Koen Hauser, Kitty Huffman, Shana Moulton, Andrew Steinmetz, Jennifer Sullivan, Keith Telfeyan, Willie Thurlow, and Frank Zadlo

May 27, 2010, 7pm: Seven Easy Steps: Artistic Masterpieces Featured video artists include Øyvind Aspe, Karen Chan, Leidy Churchman, Stephen Hilyard, Avi Krispin, Dana Levy, Mads Lynnerup, Pasual Sisto, Michael Smith & William Wegman, and Andrew Steinmetz.

Seven Easy Steps video screening series that will empower you to take the steps towards achieving happiness and leading a successful fulfilled life. This seven-step program will help you visualize your goals. The series begins with a screening that will provide the viewer with the inspiration needed in order to realize Social Improvements. The series will continue with videos that will reveal the inner emotional strides and personal sacrifices viewers need to make in order to find Loving Relationships; the appropriate equipment and creative stimulus in order to attain Technological Innovations; the titillations and delights that blissfully lead to Physical Pleasure; the necessary information to make Scientific Discoveries; the sacred guidance that will lead them towards Spiritual Ecstasy; and finally the expertise, skill, and ingenuity that guides them towards producing Artistic Masterpieces. Screenings will be held at Horton Gallery at 7pm.

Schedules for individual screenings will be released each month.

Seven Easy Steps features video work by Øyvind Aspen, Ronnie Bass, Anna Campbell, Larry Carlson, Antoine Catala, caraballo-farman, Leidy Churchman, Martha Colburn, Cecelia Condit, Joost Conijn, David Coyle, Adam Cruces, Benjamin Dowell, Kerry Downey, Jonathan Ehrenberg, Erica Eyres, Jashin Friedrich, Susana Gaudêncio, Joel Gibb, Kate Gilmore, Koen Hauser, Desirée Holman, Kitty Huffman, Mae Hymn, Avi Krispin, Juliana Leite, Julie Lequin, Dana Levy, Mads Lynnerup, Erica Magrey, Shana Moulton, Sophia Peer, Tom Pnini, Katarina Riesing, Michael Robinson, Liz Rosenfield, Catherine Ross, Melanie Schiff, Kelly Sears, Andrew Steinmetz, Jared Steffensen, Jennifer Sullivan, Keith Telfeyan, Willie Thurlow, Richard T Walker, JD Walsh, Frank Zadlo and Bryan Zanisnik, among others.
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