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Miljan Suknovic: The Noise of Silence-Happiness in a Vacuum

Union Gallery
359 Broadway, 646-613-0434
Tribeca / Downtown
May 7 - June 5, 2010
Reception: Friday, May 7, 6 - 8 PM
Web Site

The Union Gallery is pleased to announce a solo exhibition of new paintings by Miljan Suknovic. The Noise of Silence-Happiness in a Vacuum is a totally new body of work created specifically for this exhibition. Described by the artist as ‘Fluid’ paintings, the bright contrasting colors and rich use of technique and imagination are still prevalent in what has evolved to become the artists signature.

Suknovic’s new works respond in-kind to the changing cultural “landscape” with respect to technology and our collective experiences and imagination. The title of the exhibition is taken from a painting that was silent, but noisy, unique but segregated in its own world, represented and inspired by elements of art history. In these new paintings Suknovic builds from his own elements and universe.

These abstract paintings feature inter connective and explosive schemes of color. He continuously explores attributes of color frequently building the layers and upgrading the values of each color until ultimately resolved.

Although his abstractions are made spontaneously and almost blindly, his imagination traces the topography of a psychological landscape. The conceptual and physical effort spent in creating these images allows Suknovic to process organically spontaneous forms and gestures. The meaning, significance or location of forms is not fixed and the viewer has the opportunity to imagine an environment within the painting.

After a series of geometrical and emotionally minimized abstractions in his past works this new exhibition illustrates Suknovic’s pushing his exploration of scale, color and dimension even further and interrogating the limits of perception. His work could be seen as a distillation of the organic and natural world –like a sort of geological map. Painted in Acrylic on canvas the works’ compacted imagery aggressively defy the literal organic forms of painting. They assert the raw energy of contrasting colors and the excitement of complexity made palpable.

In June, Suknovic will also have solo exhibitions in Florence, and the Island of Elba, Italy
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