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[ untitled ]

9 Clinton Street, between Stanton & Houston, 646.863.7171
East Village / Lower East Side
July 16 - July 26, 2010
Reception: Friday, July 16, 7 - 10 PM
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Featuring Jerry Blackman, Bruce Checefsky, Fred Fleisher, Mikal Hameed, Yuliya Lanina, Christopher Lee, Leif McIlwaine and Narcisisster curated by Savannah Spirit

Special guest speaker Cleveland based experimental filmmaker Bruce Checefsky on Saturday Jul 17th, 7-8pm

In the 21st century, a question to ask is: Can the avant-garde still exist? Avant-gardes are transient and have an antagonistic relation to mainstream culture. Historically, the word brings to mind figures such as Dali, El Lissitzky, Picasso, Duchamp. But in this current climate, is it possible that art can be avant-garde anymore? At this point, haven’t we seen it all?

Today artists are constantly looking to the past to create the “new,” borrowing whatever they can get their hands on. But this gives art no room to breathe, culturally and politically. Art mashes with the mainstream and this results in a deadening of art.

Can there be such a thing today as “groundbreaking art”? Can art still “stick out its tongue” to mainstream culture? Can art revive the idea of the avant-garde? Perhaps the most important thing to consider these days is what time we are living in, creatively.

Untitled provokes you, the viewer, to consider these questions. Each piece within this exhibition will not only challenge expectations, they will ask you to question your own understanding of “the norm.” What kind of art do you want? How do you want it feel? Taste? Smell? How do you want it change you? How should it demand your attention? Untitled functions to create a forum for discussion, inviting viewers to engage in a new dialogue.

-Savannah Spirit (gallery director at CULTUREfix)
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