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Yui Kugimiya and Fabienne Lasserre: Foreign Object


Regina Rex
1717 Troutman, #329 (between Cypress and Seneca), 646-467-2232
July 17 - August 19, 2010
Reception: Saturday, July 17, 7 - 10 PM
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Regina Rex presents Foreign Object, an exhibition of works by Yui Kugimiya and Fabienne Lasserre.

Shunning the familiar and embracing the alien, Yui Kugimiya and Fabienne Lasserre dissect bodily conventions—human, animal and other. Kugimiya’s small paintings erupt with string and fur. They straddle the space between abjection and abstraction, exuding a delicate ooze that occasionally makes room for a cat to poke through. The contorted tentacles and rough surfaces of Lasserre’s polyrhythmic sculptures are layered with handmade-felt, paint, and paper; interweaving a tactile attention to material with a radical evisceration of the intuitive process.
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