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L.E.S. Chasms

9 Clinton Street, between Stanton & Houston, 646.863.7171
East Village / Lower East Side
August 6 - August 29, 2010
Reception: Tuesday, August 10, 7 - 11 PM
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CULTUREfix presents L.E.S. Chasms, a group exhibition features the works of four artists who are mining for meaning in the dichotomy of human culture.

Curated by Charlotte Mouquin, the artists include:

Stephanie Calvert, working in Brooklyn, juxtaposes luscious paintings of gem stones, on shining cool aluminum and plexiglas panels. The stones are created through the crystallization of minerals under intense circumstances of heat and pressure deep inside of the earth. Calvert examines these structures through painting on reflective and translucent materials. The paintings become an examination of inner structure, within the earth, the body, industry, or commerce and the human reaction to scale. Calvert is also a member of Animus Arts Collective, working on large-scale, interactive installations.

Karolina Mikulska, living in Stockholm, will be exhibiting works from her Art Candy series. Mikulska uses mixed media, acrylic, oils, charcoal, airbrush, cloth, collage, and photographs to form abstract idioms. Her technique mixes experimental painting, graffiti, graphic design, and action painting, creating Art Candy. Her paintings are gritty reactions to contemporary painting exploring the tensions between sweetness and gridlock on canvas. She has recently exhibited in Brooklyn, Chelsea, Stockholm, and London.

Charlotte Mouquin, an artist and curator, explores crossing identities in nature and culture. Mouquin’s thought process reflects Helen Frankenthauler’s color washes combined with Paul Klee’s “Line that went for a walk” representing the freedom of the subconscious. Riding the line between control and passion, these paintings express the duality of human individuality as we choose our pathways across the chasms of life. Each mark flows from an abstract idea that conceals and reveals the dichotomy of life forces.

Sophie Sejourne, the French born painter, shows her appreciation for the unique cultural environment that is New York City through her collection of 20 paintings Thank You New York. Each square presented in a grid includes a scene of New York City combined with a variety of painterly techniques and patterning. Sejourne collects postcards that have been sent to her from around the world and integrates them into her canvas. Sejourne takes the viewer on an international journey, melding found images with geometric form and the strokes of Joan Mitchell, Miro, and Agnes Martin.
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