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Demetrius Manouselis

Kouros Gallery
23 East 73rd, 212 288-5888
Upper East Side
September 9 - October 2, 2010
Reception: Thursday, September 16, 6 - 8 PM
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Kouros Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of new and recent paintings and drawings by Demetrius Manouselis, the artist’s first one-person show at Kouros. Boldly architectonic in appearance, his works have a sense of theater about them, as if they were abstract stage sets, ideal cities, or part of a history of depicted cityscapes, from Mediterranean and Aegean houses to more contemporary structures.

Manouselis’s skilled drawing, his juxtaposition of curves with straight lines, the contrast of soft with hard—all fit together like an elegant jigsaw puzzle, as Lilly Wei, a New York based curator, essayist, and critic noted.

His forms can be seen as either biomorphic or geometric, specters or symbols, Egyptian hieroglyphs or Cycladic idols, and his work may be considered a part of the abstract surrealism that marks his style for the last decade.

The work possesses a musical sensibility as well, through the rhythms of color and line that are both in visual harmony as well as in discord. His artistic vocabulary is informed by a multitude of concerns, as a result of his vast architectural and conceptual awareness.
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