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Mircea Cantor, Deeparture

Yvon Lambert New York (closed 25th Street location)
564 West 25th Street, 212-242-3611
September 16 - October 11, 2005
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For his first exhibition in Deeparture, Romanian-born artist Mircea Cantor has, with his piece, The Second Step (2005), transforms the gallery into an indoor lunar landscape, including the print that Neil Armstrong’s boot left on the surface of the moon as he became the first person to step on our only satellite. Upon entering the exhibition space, the viewers will find themselves transported into this archetypal image of the modern age and the Cold War, the milestone event that in 1969 was hailed as the greatest feat ever tackled by humankind.

By today the first moon landing seems an almost senseless endeavor; its promise of unbound planetary exploration and colonization has not yet been fulfilled, and most of us don’t feel much closer to outer space than people did back then. Cantor seems to draw on that frustration, providing the gallery goer with a tangible alternative that bypasses the constraints of space agency budgets. Using concrete, the humble material over which we travel on our everyday walks, the artist brings the frozen image of a collective memory into our lives, allowing us to reflect on the passage of time and providing the scenery of a faraway place from which to look at ourselves.
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