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Hand’s Tide

Regina Rex
1717 Troutman, #329 (between Cypress and Seneca), 646-467-2232
September 11 - October 10, 2010
Reception: Saturday, September 11, 7 - 10 PM
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Regina Rex is pleased to present Hand’s Tide, a group exhibition featuring work by:

Yevgeniya Baras Rachel Budde Elizabeth Ferry Carrie Gundersdorf Sue Havens John O’Connor Jacob Rhoads Steve Sorman,

with special guest VJ and performance by Deborah Johnson (aka Candystations) on opening night.

Aeons collapse into marks on canvas. Repeated lines chart the narrative of habitual action, giving way to thought without obstacle. From eye to hand to pen to page to point to line to star to eye to hand again. Multiple dancing figures appear from one piece of string manipulated by fingers that strum guitars by heart. Muscles remember the perpetual motions of the body, quietly mapping the space between micro and macro. All of these gestures inform the work in Hand’s Tide, an exhibition catalyzed by the art of string figures—an ancient tradition found in many tribal cultures around the world where one transforms a single piece of string into an image or story. While these figures portray complex forms for both practical and recreational use in a given moment, they also speak to a universal language of symbols and rhythms that extends far beyond the exchange between storyteller and viewer. In this way, the works in Hand’s Tide have both an acute awareness of their own presence and an expansive reach, communicating an appreciation of the tightly interwoven territories of bodies—both human and celestial—linearity, repetitive movement and meditation.
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