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Christopher Winter

Traffic Art Space
136 East 74th Street, 212-734-0041
Upper East Side
September 7 - October 31, 2010
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Traffic Art Space presents an exhibition by Christopher Winter.

In the beginning there is nothing…

An empty store-front on East 74th Street serves as a window to the world and an intimate view into an artist’s studio. Over a period of one month, in full view, with public participation welcome, this life-size diorama cum art installation will unfold. Growing plants and vines will slowly fill the space while Christopher Winter creates a body of work that evolves through site-specific interactions and circumstances. Traffic Art Space in conjunction with Edelman Arts is pleased to present this latest work of Christopher Winter, September 7th through October 2010. Upon the show’s fruition a reception will be held to celebrate.

Evolution is a recurring theme in Mr. Winter’s work. In the past, his adolescent subjects have stumbled toward adulthood in the awkward manner most of us prefer to forget. Games and activities, once innocent and childish, begin to assume a sexuality and savagery previously absent. Winter confronts the subversive quality of rituals, such as face painting, that liberate us from the confines of societal taboo. His work is neither overtly salacious nor above suspicion, but captures the tension in the fleeting moment that lies between primitive and civilized man. The nature of this show allows the viewer to tap into that moment and become a part of the artist’s previously-veiled process.

Born in 1968 in Kent, England, Christopher Winter lives and works in Berlin. He received a BA with Honors from Camberwell School of Art in London and completed his post graduate work at D?sseldorf Kunstakademie. An artist in residence of the city of Mannheim, Germany in 1993 and 1994, his work has been featured in solo and group shows throughout Europe and New York. His recent curatorial debut, Cover-Up, opened this summer at Tape Modern Berlin featuring artists like Olaf Breuning, Leigh Bowery, Thorsten Brinkmann and Assume Vivid Astro Focus . The Reiss Engelhorn Museum in Mannheim has selected his work to be the inaugural solo exhibition “Wildlife” in their new annex opening this fall. This is Mr. Winter’s fourth New York solo exhibition.
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