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50 Eldridge Street, 6th floor, (646) 666-8550
East Village / Lower East Side
October 14 - November 13, 2010
Reception: Thursday, October 14, 7 - 10 PM
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Curated by David Gibson

Erik Benson, John Berens, Monika Bravo, Eduardo Cervantes, Sally Curcio, Jonathan Feldschuh, Laura Harrison, Madeleine Hatz, Jeff Konigsberg, Michelle Mackey, Dana Melamed, Dean Monogenis, Ross Racine, Asya Reznikov, Kristen Schiele, Kimberly Sexton, Philip Simmons, Mary Ann Strandell, Miryana Todorova, Michael Zansky, J.G. Zimmerman

“Lost Horizon” represents a critique of themes related to the professional practice and socialized ideal of architecture, its enveloping culture of construction, and the ironic ideals that emerge from assumptions of progress.

Any context related to architecture is also related to urbanism or to the iconic status of buildings as well as to the transient nature of city living. The city is a landscape in a state of constant flux, first in terms of outward appearance or beauty, second in the power systems supported by these appearances, and third by the sense of space that is transmuted by the interaction of so many disparate forms of expression.

The approach to an identifiable reality represented by the title of this exhibition is intentionally misleading. A play on words, the Lost in Lost Horizon is meant to imply an obscuring of truth rather than its being misplaced or misrepresented. There’s an old expression that truth is in the details but the details can lie and that the truth is often hidden among them. The same is true of a city, it is such a large place or context that it hides many truths while seeming to signify one large truth about progress and what it means to us.
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