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The Triumph of Now

Volume Black
89 Washington Street, 817-975-5488
Greenwich Village
October 22 - December 10, 2010
Reception: Friday, October 22, 6 - 9 PM
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Volume Black Gallery is pleased to present The Triumph of Now, a group show featuring paintings sculpture and design by artists Steven Shein, Karen Seapker, Zoe Nelson, Yun-Woo Choi and Daniel McFarlane.

The Triumph of Now is a group show that focuses on the juxtaposition of color and form, shape of objects and overlapping dimensions. The works capture a moment frozen in time, and invite the viewer to contemplate the passage of time and the idea of hidden spaces. All artists demonstrate a remarkable sense of color that is just bursting with emotion.

Karen Seapker’s combination of beautiful color-field abstract backgrounds and elegant figurative studies draw the onlooker into the paintings and speak of a whirlwind of emotions, thoughts and memories. In her recent series titled “Unwinding”, Zoe Nelson explores the process of surrender and destabilizing physical and psychological spaces. Steven Shein experiments with sculpture creating striking forms with an inventive color palate. The L.A.-based artist's work plays with perception, the body, design, architecture and mysticism. The emergent, luscious forms and shapes in Daniel McFarlane’s work seem to be moving and converging right before your eyes. Yun-Woo Choi’s sculptural work focuses on the idea of multiple dimensions hiding in space using light and paper, which creates a transparent form that seems to never hold its shape. And finally Joseph Wolf Grazi is returning with a new piece from his "Fear" series that captures the pure aesthetic beauty of the unlikely.
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