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John Boone’s Groups Show

Art 101
101 Grand Street, 718-302-2242
October 21 - November 28, 2010
Reception: Thursday, October 21, 6 - 9 PM
Web Site

Art 101 presents an exhibition by John Boone, John Boone’s Groups Show.

Here is Boone himself on his work: “My paintings include a wide variety of subject areas of life both public and private. I take common and simple global American English phrases and organize them into compositions as subjects for paintings. Take a familiar word or collection of words which reflect a common understanding and turn it on its ear just enough for a different take. The words are always painted in a digital font which is technical, empirical and precise while the subject matter is casual and informal. American idiomatic expressions are the perfect folk art, they belong to no one, are not authored by anyone but are used by everyone. They are readymade pure media. Basically, my work is a handmade sign reflecting commonly expressed thoughts through an image of high tech signage. With roots in Pop, Conceptual, Fluxus, advertising and journalism, my artworks are prompts for immediate thoughts.”
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