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All Insignificant Things Must Disappear; The Social Sphere and the Post Economic Landscape

Trinity Museum
Broadway, at Wall Street, 646 206 4933
Tribeca / Downtown
November 13 - December 31, 2010
Reception: Friday, November 12, 6 - 8 PM
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Andrey Bartenev Kirby Congdon William Crump Joseph Farbrook Gisela Insuaste Ellie Krakow Peter Kreider Sandra Eula Lee Ryan Roa Kate V. Robertson Slavs and Tatars Jo Wilmot Jo Yarrington

Curator, Darren Jones Exhibition concept, Madina Stepanchenko

The global economy while rarely stable has undergone a recent seismic shift.

All Insignificant Things Must Disappear is an attempt to uncover new ways of thinking about what has become an encompassing event. Thirteen dynamic international artists present their work within this context. Jo Wilmot’s lush, degrading environments melt off the canvas to expose the artifice beneath; Ryan Roa examines the functionality of consumer products, raising them to new levels of desirability, while Sandra Eula Lee’s innovative footwear intrigues by suggesting how we can keep track of any future steps we may take. Elsewhere in this exhibition Jo Yarrington asks us to put our hands together as she engages with the architecture of Trinity Museum through light and image, Slavs and Tatars take a reflective approach and Joseph Farbrook invites you inside his head.

This almost unprecedented crisis has opened up a range of social and cultural consequences that we are still struggling to comprehend.Artists, so often acting as barometers for society’s evolution have a role to play in navigating this latest challenge. By offering alternative ways of seeing the volatility of recent times, All Insignificant Things Must Disappear aims to foster discussion and consideration for the road ahead.

Exhibition Dates – November 13th – December 31st 2010 Gallery hours – Mon-Fri. 9:00-11:45; 12:45-5:00 – Sat. 9:00-3:45 Sun. 12:45-3:45

Trinity Museum (inside Trinity Church) Broadway at Wall Street Nearest Subways: Rector Street (R.W.1.) Wall Street (
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