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GO FIGURE – Jose Lerma, Jocelyn Hobbie, Sebastian Bremmer, Noah Becker, Ellen Siebers, Andrew Guenther, Dave Choi, and Paul Birbil

Hogar Collection
362 Grand Street, 718-388-5022
December 17, 2010 - February 6, 2011
Reception: Friday, December 17, 6:30 - 9:30 PM
Web Site

The Hogar Collection is most pleased to announce, Go Figure, a group show focused on the figure and it’s relationship in contemporary terms. The painting and sculptural works included sample an eclectic range of approaches and interpretations of figuration and all question the endless boundaries of our personal and psychological relationship with the represented figure. In Jose Lerma’s most recent sculptural painting using the largest polo shirt you could possibly imagine, he combines his well-known paint blobs into a work full of fresh and cynically wry humor. Jocelyn Hobbie’s lush, delicate and sensuous paintings depict psychologically charged portraits of imaginary women who are seemingly frozen within provocatively mysterious narratives. Noah Becker’s paintings in ways reference and are inspired by known past and contemporary works and add a perverse insight to the critique of the human condition portrayed in vastly vacuous and ominous landscapes. Dave Choi’s latest work in carved marble titled “DeKooning”, depicts a severed hand with all the fingers broken off except the middle and thumb giving an apropos gesture of a fuck you comic relief to an admired contemporary master. Ellen Sieber’s paintings fabricate stories from non-fictional narratives that are culled and subtly woven together from historical references of often misguided and fatally failed attempts of explorers and the awkward, violent and loving relationships between humans, animals and the natural world. Paul Birbil’s loose and painterly pin up woman stuck inside wine bottles describe the impossible feat of the drunkards attempt to replicate the ship modelers challenge and at the same time produces a hazy thought of the buzzed sexual gaze. With Andrew Guenther’s masterful absurdist style and approach to contemporary painting he constantly is pushing the envelope of our personal awareness and pokes at an uncomfortable yet profound awakening of the banal that makes everything real. And in Sebastian Bremmer’s slightly out of focus and highly detailed paintings on photographs he crosses psychedelic obsessive doodling with an endearing memorialization of the family album snapshots.

The artists included in Go Figure, have collectively exhibited internationally at venues such as Deste Foundation Center for Contemporary Art in Athens, Greece, El Museo de Barrio in New York, Weatherspoon Museum, NC, Andrea Rosen Gallery, NY, Bellweather, NY, Roebling Hall, Tate Modern, London, PS1, NY, The Brooklyn Musuem, MOMA, Mexico City, The Whitney Museum of American Art, Musée D’art Contemporain in Montréal among others. Works are as well represented in important international public and private collections.
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