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Michael Alan: Continual DNA

YES gallery
147 India Street, 917.593.9237
January 21 - February 17, 2011
Reception: Friday, January 21, 7 - 10 PM
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Yes Gallery is proud to present over 40 works, a time-capsule exhibition.

There is a line that begins in Michael Alan’s work that flows from piece to piece and jumps, leaps and changes depending on the surface and combination he strikes with the material. The continuous line and flow morphs, grows and builds elaborate worlds from anatomy to movement.

The root of anatomy (the figure) is DNA, the double helix, and the interpolation of DNA in Alan’s worlds reforms and recreates itself. The variety of forms are limitless from combinations of flesh and skeleton, movement and print, collage and paint. The work exhibited in Continual DNA dates from 2003-2011.
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