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14A Orchard Street, 212-226-5447
East Village / Lower East Side
January 14 - February 13, 2011
Reception: Friday, January 14, 6 - 8 PM
Web Site

INVISIBLE-EXPORTS is pleased to present Readykeulous: The Hurtful Healer: The Correspondance Issue, an exhibition by Ridykeulous. Participating artists include, but are not limited to, Ali Liebegott, Allyson Mitchell, Bernadette Mayer, Catherine Lord, Chuck Nanney, Daniel Feinberg & Rhyne Piggot, David Wojnarowicz, Dr. Weeks, Eileen Myles, Gary Gissler, Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, Glen Fogel, Harmony Hammond, I.U.D. (Lizzi Bougatsos & Sadie Laska), Jack Smith, Jibz Cameron aka Dynasty Handbag, K8 Hardy, Kara Walker, Kathe Burkhart, Kathleen Hanna, Kathy Acker/Dennis Cooper, Laura Parnes, Leidy Churchman, Louise Fishman, Mike Albo, Nao Bustamente, Nicola Tyson, Simon Fujiwara, Tobi Vail, William Powhida, Zackary Drucker, Zoe Leonard and other selections from the patriARCHIVES.

Founded in 2005 by A.L. Steiner and Nicole Eisenman, Ridykeulous has appeared at the Kitchen, New York; Leo Koenig Projekte, New York; Bronx Museum, New York; MoMA PS1, New York; and Participant Inc., New York, among others.

There will also be a live performance-response, OPEN MIKE, by Mike Albo on Saturday, February 12 at 4:30PM.

Dear World:

We’d like to invite you to our show because we need to re-educate you about The Situation, specifically, or perhaps more generally speaking, the issues of right and wrong, because “right” now, you’ve got it all WRONG.

Some things that are wrong:

1. A certain type of man of which there are many, all of whom rule the world and torture—literally—us, for no reason (see our travel brochure/exposé Stoning for Pleasure and Profit in Many Countries) and all that really needs to happen is your wives roll over and stab you in their sleep, problemo solved!

2. Wake up! Machines are needy little takers.

3. The Lack of Sleep/Christmas/Corn Syrup Chain of Signifiers/Absence of Leisure Time To Make Art and Write etc./Our Educational Cultural Indoctrination System Which Turns Lumpen Dull-Witted Three-Year-Olds Into Massive Raving Homo-Bashing Tumors Stewing In Hot Tubs On Their Own TV Shows/Axis of Evil. We’re ALL The Biggest Losers.

4. The military-industrial-pharmaceutical-artworld complex

5. Animals in captivity, including the loss of all carbon-based life forms

6. Domino effect, Chinese accordion, string pulled on sweater, Russian nesting dolls

7. Plastics & pesticides (in your tits!)

8. The greater the massacre, the bigger the Xmas bonus

9. Unending Ice Capades of Destruction

10. Everyone’s desire to be happier than everyone else’s desire to be happy

For these reasons and more, you, World, really need to come visit us in 300 square feet of luxurious, non-denominational, nonlinear, spa-like atmospherics of the gallery Invisible-Exports (that’s the name of the gallery). Your visit will be rewarded by mind-expansion and tax cuts for the rich. BYOR! (Bring Your Own Road!)

Your BFF 4-Ever, Ridykeulous

P.S. Our show is called Readykeulous: The Hostile Healer (The Correspondance Issue) because we have chosen at this point in time to highlight our letter-writing skill-set._
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