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Ambi Bowo and Carolyn Meyer: Perspectives

Wendt Gallery
41 East 57th Street, 8th Floor, 212-838-8818
January 6 - January 29, 2011
Reception: Thursday, January 6, 6 - 8 PM
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Wendt Gallery is pleased to announce Perspectives, a two-person exhibition which will present a new collection of works by Ambi Bowo and Carolyn Meyer.

Curated by Serina Manqueros, Perspectives examines urbanity through the viewpoints of each artist. Although sharing in certain synchronic ideals, the exhibition also takes a looks at each artist’s unique idiosyncrasies. Both perspectives are motivated by the emotion, energy, and force of life; each artist demonstrating an artistic vigor in their compositions through their use of broad and bold brush strokes, bold colors, and thick palette. However, Bowo conveys more of an energetic ideal in his work, through his use of more forceful brush strokes and daring color; while Meyer’s work takes a more subtle approach to her compositions through her use of variations in constants such as solitary objects, nocturnal compositions, and monochromatic coloring.

Bowo’s work, PM City, an oil on canvas measuring 30×40 inches, is a fine example of Bowo’s pursuit to capture urbanity’s joie de vivre. Bowo deliberately places the viewer directly into his composition, so they may experience the motion and emotional enthrall first hand. Abstracted traffic moves the viewer’s eye toward the center of the composition; which represents the nucleus of the painting’s core. Vibrant colors, abstracted strokes, and dynamic perspectives create a sense of immediacy. As motion is the primary characteristic of this piece, the viewer is evoked by an instantaneous emotional impact upon observation.

Equally, Carolyn Meyer demonstrates her ability to capture the more secluded side of urban life. Her observations of urbanity are depicted through the artist’s use of a monochromatic color palette; as opposed to the colorful spectrum seen in Bowo’s compositions. Reflections of Light and Steel, a 36×36 inch oil on canvas, is a prime example of the artist’s venture into the exploration of this scale. Abandoning color as a key component of the work, Meyer chooses to focus instead on the effects of light and shadow on the urban scene. As a result, the composition gives way to an emotional overtone associated with abandonment, aloneness, and disengagement from urban life. Meyer’s monochromatic works afford the viewer an exploration into the quiet, disconnected aspects of urbanity.
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