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Raphaela Riepl: adorable steamed sea urchin

Open Source
174 Franklin Street, 646-279-3969
March 4 - March 31, 2011
Reception: Friday, March 4, 7 - 11 PM
Web Site

174 Franklin St., Brooklyn, NY 11222

“I get started with what ever can drive me there. Probably I get somewhere else pretty soon, cause it evolves every second. And I can’t deny that I like entertaining myself, so you really gotta be tricky to surprise your own mind. Well I guess it’s all of a process, which doesn’t mean it can’t feel awesome in the state it is.” – Raphaela Riepl

Raphaela Riepl’s work is made out of boxes, drawings, words, christmas lights, various found objects and detritus. It is a collection of her mind, seemingly placed at random and constantly moving. It is as if the work is adjusting itself to ones angle or mood allowing an emersion into one narrative stream or another. Dark Irony and humour abound, Riepl’s work does not try to tell a story but rather is a puzzle to be completed by the viewer.

The reaccurrence of sea creatures in her work can be taken as a desire to float through bright colors surounded by dull sounds. In her 2010 Greenpoint Open Studios she fash- ioned packaging peanuts to resemble shrimp, some having wings and flying from the cieling, others stuffed in a pot and ready to be cooked and One holding a martini glass with a handwritten note: “Shrimp Haven“ In the OPEN SOURCE space on 174 Franklin Avenue in Greenpoint, Raphaela Riepl’s installation will also host a series of concerts, where not only the band will be inte- grated into the show, but also the show in the band.

Concert dates and times will be announced ASAP
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