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Project I On

Naked Duck Gallery
66 Jackson Street, 718-609-4096
November 4 - December 11, 2005
Reception: Friday, November 4, 6 - 9 PM
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Featuring: Jody Hanson, Chris Jordan, Jesse McGuinness and Harry Rosenblum.

In Project I On, obsolete technology such as slide and filmstrip projectors are used to explore the ephemeral and luminescent dynamics of light and shadow.

Once upon a time, classrooms were equipped with overhead projectors and businesspeople used their thumbs to clumsily click through slides during presentations. Before the dawn and subsequent domination of computers, these machines were rolled out in black plastic cases, plugged into the wall and manually adjusted to focus. They hummed and they wheezed, generated heat and occasionally caught on fire, but if you were one of the few generations to be around during their slight spell on Earth, you might remember the luminescent quality of their projections, the simple, perfect physics to their inner workings.

Then time moved on, technology evolved, the world changed and analogue projectors were abandoned without their potential for visual exploration ever being fully realized. Perhaps ironically, the media that created such ephemeral imagery, had itself, been rendered obsolete. Aesthetically, emotionally, scientifically, and politically, the artists of Project I On break the boundaries of intended use, to offer their own definitions as to what this all means. With fading filmstrip loops, printed slides, multiple projectors, and manipulated prisms, four artists concentrate on very different aspects of projected imagery, yet all share a basic interest in non-digital, light emitting media. Our visual world is as fleeting as life itself; Project I On demonstrates how the potential for creating art remains a constant.
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