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Anna Hellsgard and Meeloo Gfeller, Bongout

Cinders Gallery
28 Marcy Avenue, 718-388-2311
November 2 - November 27, 2005
Reception: Friday, November 4, 7 - 11 PM
Web Site

“Bon gout” (pronounced bon gooo) means good taste in French, and while this is certainly meant to be taken with tongue planted in cheek, the art and design of Anna Hellsgard and Meeloo Gfeller couldn’t have a more pleasant taste to those who like their eye-food bold, colorful and visually arresting. It is no coincidence that one can also pronounce this art duo’s name, “Bong Out!” and aptly describe their hallucinogenic and humorous image-overkill style. Layers upon layers of silkscreened images, some drawn and some photographs, are merged with lo-fi photocopied grain, sometimes words and always dense color. Often on the verge of toppeling over on itself in composition chaos, they manage to pull off inventive and intricate ideas that push the envelope of silkscreening and design.

Under the collective name Bongout since 1995, Anna Hellsgard [Sweden] and Meeloo Gfeller [France], now both based in Berlin, have published more than 70 of their own avant-garde DIY silkscreen books, about half of which are in collaboration with other artists. They also design and print posters, do record covers, create street art and installations and run a small underground music label called Radio Bongout!

This exhibition marks the first gallery showing of Bongout’s work in NYC and one of few shows that have happened in America thus far. It will feature a collection of original and limited edition prints and posters, as well as their handmade books and zines.

They were recently included in the book Panda Meat, edited by poster artist Frank Kozik. They have designed books, posters and album covers for Antoine Bernhart, Melt Banana, Costes, Lightning Bolt and even Converse shoes, as well as Mighty Robot music shows in Brooklyn.
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