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Passages Remembered

Giacobetti Paul Gallery
111 Front Street, No. 220, 917-548-8107
March 3 - April 3, 2011
Reception: Thursday, March 3, 6 - 10 PM
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The Giacobetti Paul Gallery is proud to present “Passages Remembered”, a New York City solo gallery exhibition debut by international artist FILIZ emma SOYAK. Soyak explores the contrasts in tangible and visceral experiences from her life, recently spent in the Middle East and the Caribbean, through colorful and textured mixed media paintings. Soyak’s work explores territory beyond the retinal experience into memories and subconscious impressions. Her paintings are an exploration of the seen and the unseen; imagined and real landscapes. Compelled to paint what she sees and feels, her work is a combination of the world around her and life experiences. Her new work combines abstracted landscapes of the tropics and desert, with colorful textures of memories and geometric patterns found in architecture and textiles in the Middle East and Asia. Soyak is deeply influenced by her multicultural background. Born to Turkish and Swedish parents, spending her childhood in Japan, adulthood in the USA, Asia and Caribbean, her heritage and travels have provided continuous inspiration and diverse perspective. Soyak’s wanderlust has brought her to Brooklyn, NY, where she currently resides and works. Her work has been exhibited and collected internationally.

Coinciding with the Verge Brooklyn Art Fair:
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