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Animals Are Outside Today

Jen Bekman Gallery
6 Spring Street, between Elizabeth St. and Bowery, 212-219-0166
East Village / Lower East Side
March 12 - April 24, 2011
Reception: Friday, March 18, 6 - 8 PM
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Jen Bekman Gallery is pleased to present Animals Are Outside Today, fifteen color photographs by Colleen Plumb. Animals Are Outside Today is Plumb’s first solo exhibition at the gallery.

Plumb’s photographs examine the often hard-defined intersections and relationships between man and living creatures. She seeks to expose the contradictions that have shaped our relationships with animals throughout history. The animals she portrays range from beloved house pets to circus animals to road kill. Weaving imagery of life and death, Plumb plays with the array of the attachments and emotions we hold toward animals. Her newest series of photographs casts a wide net from the mundane to the fantastic, but remains harmonious in its ability to highlight the deep histories we share with animals.

Of Plumb’s work, Karen Irvine of the Museum of Contemporary Photography notes:

Plumb’s pictures are beautiful, revealing her empathy for the subject as well as reflecting the romanticism that often accompanies the idea of nature and animal life in our society. She uses color, framing and focus to draw our attention to details that are alternately humorous, delightful and disturbing, making the viewing of her pictures an ever-changing and engaging experience.
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