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School Zone

317 East 67th Street, Room 222, Julia Richmond High School, 212-619-2149
Upper East Side
November 12, 2005 - January 28, 2006

School Zone is an intervention into a New York City public high school classroom, an open process in which artists are given leeway to bring their own ideas and concepts into a space normally reserved only for traditional systems of organization.

Like previous projects organized by Martinez Gallery, this intervention will be undertaken by graffiti artists, and as such aims to challenge even further the seemingly sacred character ascribed to art and to education, which normally only meet in the most academic realms of each field.

School Zone is not, however, a case of simply opening the chalkboard to graffiti, that is to say underground or taboo art, nor is it glorified decoration; rather, it is an opportunity to artists, students and teachers alike to question the underlying exclusions implicit in being both a graffiti artists and, frankly, an urban public school student.
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