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Tim Lewis – Machine | Steve Pyke – Philosophers

Flowers Gallery
529 West 20th Street, 3E, 212-439-1700
May 20 - June 18, 2011
Reception: Thursday, May 19, 6 - 8 PM
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Flowers is pleased to announce two individual exhibitions featuring kinetic sculpture by Tim Lewis and photographic portraits by Steve Pyke. Both exhibitions will run from May 20th through June 18th, with an opening reception for the artists on May 19th from 6-8pm. Steve Pyke will also conduct an artist’s talk on May 28th at 3pm.

In Machine, Tim Lewis’ cast of assisted ready-mades and creature-like constructions explore the boundary between nature and fabrication, mixing intricate mechanics with a dextrous appreciation of both art and artifice. Through a combination of media he creates objects that react to the people and environment around them, taking on properties that they would not naturally possess.

Standing among the works in this exhibition, neither Lewis, nor his viewer, can anticipate quite what will happen next. It is in these moments of unpredictability that Lewis’ work shifts, develops and evolves into new formations. One will witness a mechanical arm repetitively asserting its existence through the etch of an exacting signature and ‘stroboscopic’ artworks that spin and explode with movement capturing motion in its organic form.

To coincide with the release of his new book published by Oxford University Press, Steve Pyke presents a selection of intimate black and white portraits in an exhibition titled Philosophers. Pyke has garnered acclaim for his captivating photographs of individuals from diverse backgrounds, ranging from the homeless to artists and intellectuals.

Through the stark detail of his portraits Pyke is able to erase the lofty reputation that is often placed on philosophers who ponder life’s seemingly unanswerable questions. He captures the humanity and personality of these men and women in an astounding way, enabling their presence to be experienced and appreciated. The portraits will include Tim Williamson, Richard Rorty, Judith Thomson, David Chalmers and Delia Graff, among others.

Tim Lewis was born in England in 1961 and graduated from the Royal College of Art in London in 1987. He has exhibited internationally and his work is in public collections including the Arts Council of Great Britain, the British Council, and the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool, England.

Born in England in 1957, Steve Pyke lives and works in New York City. He photographs for The New Yorker and has worked for many of the world’s leading magazines. His work has been exhibited worldwide and is held in permanent collections including the National Portrait Gallery in both Washington, DC and London; Imperial War Museum in London and the New York Public Library.
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