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art book club presents

Saint Cecilia's Convent
21 Monitor Street
June 3 - June 11, 2011
Reception: Friday, June 3, 7 - 10 PM
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The Art Book Club is proud to present its inaugural exhibition featuring three floors of contemporary art, an interactive shop installation, performance event, live musical performance plus a mixer and artists’ talks, all at the Saint Cecilia’s Gallery in Brooklyn.

The Art Book Club saw this is as an opportunity to bring together artists who make up an active community and to demonstrate its scope and resilience beyond the gallery system. All inspired by what the Art Book Club does: which is read about art, visit each others studios, talk, think and learn.

Each project has a unique vision and therefore, a unique press release, please click the links below or visit our website at: for more information.

Friday, June 3rd (7pm-10pm), Saturday, June 4th, 5th & 11th (noon-5pm)

1st floor Cowboy Mouth, curated by Carolyn Salas Brent Birnbaum, Jonathan Butt, Jennifer Cohen, Daphne Fitzpatrick, Fawn Krieger, Lauren Luloff, Adam Parker Smith + Shop Installation Price Good Market Inc. Denise Kupferschmidt & Gina Beavers + Musical Performance (9pm) Friday only The Ice Machine & Swift, LIVE in the Chapel

2nd floor Black Sunday, curated by Saira McLaren Gina Beavers, Jaime Gecker, Mike Hein, Fran Holstrom, John Jodzio, Ryan Kitson, Elisa Lendvay, Cindy Stockton Moore, Brad Phillips, Mitchell Wright, Jeff Williams + Zine-making Performance (7pm-9pm) Friday only #notmaking #youmethem Gina Beavers + Artwork by Art Book Club members Gina Beavers, Stacy Fisher, Amanda B. Friedman, Elizabeth Hirsch, Fran Holstrom, Christina Leung, Saira McLaren, Carolyn Salas, Letha Wilson

3rd floor Improbable Self: Notes from the Void, curated by Fran Holstrom Inna Babaeva, Martin Bromirski, Catherine Czacki, JJ Garfinkel, Nathan Gwynne, Jason Hoelscher, JR Larson, Frank Lentini, Christina Leung, David Malek, Jeffrey Scott Mathews, Japeth Mennes, Oliver Michaels, Matt Miller, John L. Moore, Meghan Petras, Sasha Rudensky, Carolyn Salas, David Scanavino

Sunday, June 5th (12-5 & 7-11 open for business

Price Good Market Inc. Gina Beavers & Denise Kupferschmidt

Saturday, June 11th (4pm-7pm) Mixer + Artist Talks Join BOARD OF ED: for a Mixer from 4-5pm. And, invited artists talks from 5-7pm: Holly Coulis, Ariel Dill, Jason Fox, and Ian Pedigo
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