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Composite Factor


Interstate Projects (56 Bogart)
56 Bogart Street, 718-412-8726
June 3 - July 10, 2011
Reception: Friday, June 3, 6 - 10 PM
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Justin Berry, Arielle Falk, Jesse Hulcher, Alyssa Taylor Wendt Composite Factor

Interstate Projects is pleased to present Composite Factor, a group show featuring four Brooklyn based artists utilizing varying methods and approaches to the act of erasure and replacement.

By digitally removing the signifiers of plot and character from book covers, Justin Berry creates abstractions that become portals into possible worlds. These works are portraits of places that don’t exist, of science fiction worlds and of implied narratives. Books make claims of meaning, whether they are fictional stories or databases of fact, they attempt to inscribe order onto the world. In these works that order has been upended, and all that is left is the structure of that claim, an armature on which a world could be built and on which a set of values could eventually arise.

Arielle Falk presents “Lego Your Ego”, a new installation of handmade sculptural objects, video, and photographs that takes the form of a pyramidal shaped alter or memorial. The installation centers on her “Sunglasses for the Face”, which are designed to obscure the features of one’s face, and therefore, serve to defend against a double gaze; the nonspecific, generalized gaze of the other and the self-conscious, inward directed gaze of the ideal-ego (one’s image of their perfect self).

Pushing standard consumer software to its logical yet absurd extremes is the focus of Jesse Hulcher’s two works represented in this show. His video Road Trip is a new trailer for the film Jurassic Park using iMovie 11’s Jurassic Park styled film trailer template, and War and Peace – New Abridged Version 2011 utilizes Microsoft Word’s autosummarize feature to par down one of the most iconic, and longest novels of western literature into a convenient 29 pages.

Alyssa Taylor Wendt’s PALIMPSESTS analog print series uses multiple negatives, both found and her own, of recreated, reenacted or re-appropriated situations. Burned and dodged by hand, the unique single editions address historical sediment and possess a certain spiritualism that transcends the limitations of the photographic medium.

Focusing on young, emerging artists, Interstate Projects works to connect artists and ideas from across the country. The gallery is located in Bushwick at 56 Bogart St, Brooklyn, NY 11206. Our hours are Saturday and Sunday 12-6 and by appointment. For further information or images, please contact Tom Weinrich at [email protected] or visit

Directions: L train to Morgan Ave. The gallery is located on the first floor of 56 Bogart St, with the main building entrance about 50 feet from the rear exit of the subway. Please follow the signs directing you to the gallery once inside the building.
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