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Miss Bugs, Parlour

Brooklynite Gallery
334 Malcolm X Blvd, 347-405-5976
Brooklyn Misc.
June 25 - July 16, 2011
Reception: Saturday, June 25, 7 - 10 PM
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On a summers night in the heart of Brooklyn, Miss Bugs will open the doors to her new establishment, the “Parlour”. Miss Bugs alias ‘The Madame’ welcomes you to her boudoir, fit for gods and monsters; a place where delights and nightmares can be played out. You’ll be introduced to the still-standing ghosts in the woodland clearing who guard the entrance to the “Parlour” that lies beyond… Here, the Madames’ presence can be felt in every corner; you can look directly into her eyes and view the story of her dark desires… Madame advises all who attend the opening to dress appropriately to honor the spirits and hide their face by donning a masquerade mask.

“Parlour” is the setting for Miss Bugs’ new body of work; its atmosphere will unsettle. By placing the prints and large scale collages within a fictional space, the context of the original sources of found art is changed, making us view its symbolism in a different, darker light. This distorted world of installations indoors and out, is an extension of their ‘Cut Out and Fade Out’ street project and the concept of the ‘Parlour’ exploits the idea that the art establishment plays on people’s desires, whether for money, beauty, sex or ownership. It’s a twisted environment with poetically warped female forms that beckon you in and carry you off to the underbelly of Miss Bugs’ soul.

The opening of ‘Parlour’ marks Miss Bugs’ second solo gallery appearance since their debut outing over three years ago and is their first solo show outside the UK. Miss Bugs have come together again for their most ambitious project to-date…

They continue to explore the themes which have been prevalent in their work, such as the nature of the art establishment. Miss Bugs continues to question the ownership of ideas, working methods, and the relationship and knock-on effect that artists have with one another. And while their work often sees the appropriation of hundreds of contemporary artists; they are all referenced and recomposed within their collages and silk-screens to make their own newly reconstructed iconic pieces. Miss Bugs steals from many, but in doing so they leave their own unique indelible mark; a Miss Bugs calling card at the scene of the crime!
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