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Feelers: Branden Koch, Dani Leventhal, and Kevin Hooyman

348 South 4th Street, 347-776-1023
June 12 - July 17, 2011
Reception: Sunday, June 12, 6 - 8 PM
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When Picasso was asked. “Why don’t you ever paint landscapes?” his answer was “because I’ve never seen one”. The works in Feelers give form to the unconscious inner landscape using the material of the physical world: weather patterns, humans and animals, water and neon. The recognizable elements in these works don’t follow laws of physics or rational thought. Eyeballs roll on the ground, a person walks underwater, and inanimate objects give advice. These behaviors are all familiar, not because they have been seen, but because they have been felt.

Branden Koch’s ‘weather paintings’ use the graphic symbols of hot and cold fronts that we see colliding every night on the evening news to represent the invisible but perceptible. These forces meet and physical chaos ensues; the compass won’t stop spinning, boundaries between figure and ground collapse, and patterns become absurd and untrustworthy.

Dani Leventhal’s work invokes acts of communication so private that they border on the guileless, almost like prayer. The earnestness of this communicative urge is no better summed up than by the title of her sculpture, Here I am Ready and Willing. The exhibition also features a selection of her diaristic drawings.

Kevin Hooyman’s drawings are a compelling mix of the alien and the intimate. In his work, everyday social interactions and private thoughts are laid out with a bare simplicity that is both revealing and disorienting. His means are economical and his material is familiar; the shock of his work is in the immediacy and clarity of his idiosyncratic hand.
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